The ultimate BPM tapper for OS X.

Tap your way through entire playlists quickly and efficiently, or tap out songs as they come up with minimal disruption to your workflow.

Let Turnover help generate playlists in specific BPM ranges for fixed-tempo workouts, including 180 steps-per-minute playlists for efficient running.


- Full-featured Music/iTunes controller.
- Tap through playlists without ever switching to Music/iTunes.
- Tap, save, jump well into the next track, and keep on tapping.

Turnover allows you to tap through entire playlists with nothing more than continuous taps of the Return key. And rather than having to wait for each song to get going, Turnover can automatically jump ahead so you can begin tapping immediately.


- Notifications when current track has a missing or unconfirmed BPM.
- Global hotkey to activate Turnover.

Once notified, hit your global hotkey, tap out the BPM, and let Turnover bring you right back whence you came. A few brief taps and you'll be right back at the task at hand.


- Optionally ignore BPM values guesstimated by beat analysis software.
- Rules to manage playlists.
- Various notification mechanisms.
- Customizable keyboard shortcuts for mouse-free operation.
- Immediate detection of tapping errors, just keep tapping.
- Built-in metronome.
- Several musical instrument “tap” sounds to choose from.

Turnover screenshot 1 Turnover screenshot 2